Martes, Oktubre 30, 2012

Class Picture

Class Picture with Mrs.Cheryl Ann Villares and Dr. Isabelita Bulala. First Year, first semester! #math #filipino


Thank you for my cousin Nicole Bungabong and Frances Louise Bungabong who took the photos :)

Linggo, Oktubre 28, 2012

Potato Fries :P

Foodtrip with my cousins Frances Louise Bungabong and Charles Nikko Ranoa.


Good day everybody! I prepared breakfast for all of us. :)

Shy type? HAHAHA!



Just Breathe :)


Foodtrip with my cousin, Ms. Frances Louise and of course with Mr. Mark Jerel  :P At Plaza.

Henna "Let it Be'

At Alona Kew, Panglao Island :) Simple henna for 150 pesos! #henna


YES I'm vain! Who cares?! HAHAHA! During the #Intramurals.
No, I'm not thinking of you! Aw, haha! NEVERMIND :P


A Promise is a Promise! #beach


#bag #pink #white #Nice


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Happy Smile Again :D

I'm always happy because I received a lot of blessings everyday. Thank you LORD :)

Hinampak Ladies

We are what we are! A picture during our Reunion :) #HinampakLadies


Love and be loved :)

Aw, sad?

I'm not the problem, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

Martes, Oktubre 23, 2012

I am happy, OKAY?

Happiness is not what you experienced, it's what you remember.


Well, thank you for my cousin who took the pic :)


This was in Dumaluan, Panglao during the birthday of my friend Kethlyn Camille.  Just wrote my name on the sand "Kimley".

The Creation

This is the First Page of my REED Project. #scrapbooking

Snack Time

At Chowking.
Thank You so much for this :P I love you! My fave is Piggie Oink Oink. :D

The Talumpati Winners

For our requirement in Filipino1, we must present a talumpati. These are the winners from every group. All the winners compete for the final Talumpati contest. Ms. Glenitz Ulson got the first place, followed by Ms.Jannin Constance Chatto, the third and fourth ranks were Ms. Hazel Mary Pinar and Ms. Vivian Dumangas! Job well done guys! :) Congratulations everybody!

ME ;)

Took a pic after fitting :) (That was actually what I was wearing on that day!)

The Bernidos

Seen this while roaming around the campus! Wew. I was really shocked!


REMEMBER: Parents spend the first part of their lives teaching us to walk and talk and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up.

My Loving Ever Supportive Parents

My parents may not be perfect but they are the most precious gift God has ever given me. :*

SOLO Photos

 School days are here again. Facing another chapter of my life! #college
 This was taken during our Refresh Practice for our presentation in the  CVIF Alumni Reunion :)
I took a crazy shot after having lunch with my boyfriend.

With my Sister


 I know, he's taller than me! Hahaha! Negative comments not accepted.